Welcome back aboard M Train – a podcast where we look at ways Muslims are still being surveilled and talk to people who are fighting to abolish it. In this episode we talk with Nour Ballout, an interdisciplinary artist and curator, and the founder of Habibi House, a neighborhood-based community art space and social engagement residency.


Nour Ballout


Follow Nour Balloutd on Instagram and Twitter @nouraballout and learn more about their work here https://www.nourballout.com/


• M Train is produced by Shirin Barghi @Shebe86, hosted by Ahmed Ali Akbar @radbrowndads, edited by Karim Douaidy @coffee_and_karim_ and executive produced by Charlie Hoxie @choxie & Kuye Youngblood. This episode featured music composed by Karim Douaidy and from Freesound. You can check out his website here http://karimdouaidy.com/

•This miniseries was made with the generous help of the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Arts Building Bridges Program. You can learn about their mission here: https://www.ddcf.org/what-we-fund/building-bridges

•M Train is a six-part miniseries from See Something, Say Something and BRIC Radio, in which we take you to different New York City neighborhoods to uncover the stories of American Muslims that can be found on and off the subway line. For more information on this and all BRIC Radio podcasts, visit www.bricartsmedia.org/radio and follow us on twitter @BRICTV.