The Memories Trilogy explores small, life-shifting moments in a person's life. Sometimes the tiniest things will have an everlasting ripple in the course of your life. It is not just big events that can change you, but little moments.


ANU VALIA is the writer and director of The Memories Trilogy. She has worked on numerous shows including And Just Like That.. (HBO), Nora from Queens starring Awkwafina (Comedy Central), Mixed-ish (ABC), and First Wives Club (BET+). She is also the Director and Executive Producer of Adult Swim's, Soft Focus with Jena Friedman. Anu Valia is a recipient of the 2020 NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music, and Theatre, a 2018 Big Vision Empty Wallet Fellow, a New York Film Festival's Artist Fellow, an artist resident of SPACE on Ryder Farm in New York, and an artist resident of Studio Faire in Nérac, France.  Her film, Lucia, Before and After won the Jury Prize for US Fiction in 2017 at Sundance. She's most proud to be an ambassador for the American Film Showcase, a United States film diplomacy program promoting arts involvement and education abroad. 



"BRIC has supported me as an artist when I felt it would be near impossible to get my projects off the ground and is an essential organization for New York artists. They've helped so many of us continue our craft & use our voices. I'm so grateful for their support and will be a lifelong supporter of theirs as well” - Anu Valia

& On & On
(PART 1)


Matilda - Sarah Goldberg (Sundance 2018 - Anu’s Film Lucia Before & After)
David - Luke Forbes (IMDB
Ava - Janali Thomas (IMDB
Beatrice - Catherine Curtin  (IMDB)
Ruth - Isabelle Barbier (IMDB
Mark - David Beach (IMDB
Chioke Nassor (More Info)


Stiff As A Board
(PART 2)

Ava - Janali Thomas (IMDB
Rishi - Parker Sevak (IMDB)
Lisa - Hailey Clairese Stone (IMDB)


The Door
(PART 3)

Vinod - Samrat Chakrabarti (IMDB
Gagan - Pooja Kumar (IMDB)  
Rishi - Parker Sevak (IMDB
Lisa - Hailey Clairese Stone (IMDB)


Director/Writer - Anu Valia
Executive Producers - Kuye Youngblood, Kecia Elan Cole, Aziz Isham, Sachar Mathias
Producers - Irony Point Production Company - Sophia Baik, Alex Bach, Daniel Powell
Casting - Karlee Fomalont (IMDB)
Director Of Photography - Charlotte Hornsby  
Hair Wolf Sundance & SXSW 2018
Production Designer - Charlotte Royer (IMDB)
Costume Designer - Pamela Shephard
Editor - James Codoyannis (IMDB
Sound Mixer - Patrick Burgess (IMDB
Music Supervisor - Kurt Steinke (IMDB)
Colorist - Samuel Gursky  
Locations Manager - Justin Kron (IMDB