Help Ensure a More Vibrant Future for Brooklyn

As we imagine a post-pandemic future, the arts will play a leading role in creating the future we deserve. BRIC is committed to building this creative future together. Because, like you, we are invested in Brooklyn. We live in Brooklyn. This is our home. You are our community. And this is our future.

We invite you now to consider a commitment to BRIC, as we continue to build Brooklyn’s creative future.


Brooklyn Free Speech is YOUR Emmy-winning, community-produced TV and podcast network featuring content produced by YOU

Brooklyn Free Speech has aired hundreds of thousands of hours of community-produced media since it hit the airwaves in 1990. We take great pride in airing your local films, documentaries, podcasts, and moments on our channels. We think of our community-produced media platforms as: Locally sourced. Globally shared.

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BRIC TV is BRIC's Emmy-winning, nonprofit community TV channel and digital network featuring content produced by BRIC that's for, or about Brooklyn.

BRIC TV is Brooklyn’s premier video producer of local news and social justice reporting; music, arts and comedy coverage; Brooklyn documentaries; and original series programming on cable television and online video. BRIC TV works with the most exciting filmmakers in the borough to create bold, groundbreaking new work that’s garnered Emmys, Ippies and Tellys, screened at the Tribeca Film Festival and Sundance all while speaking to the communities we serve.

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