A Look at 2019 Concrete Stories Award Recipients:

The Art of Parenting (9min) | Winner of the Concrete Stories Award

This is a story of addiction and how it affects a mother’s relationship with her children.

By Aliyah Warr, Destinii Yearwood, Kimberly Cox, Olivia Paul, Joel Saguero, Diego Rojas-Marin, Rakeem Francois, Jaylin Gonzalez, Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School.

FULLY Addicted (9min) | Best Directing 

As low income communities in Brooklyn struggle to afford a nutritious lifestyle, eating healthy has become a new segregation. This film explores the disparity of healthy selections available in low-income communities compared to higher-income, as well as the impacts of this inequality on society.

By Nadir Hepburn, Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School.

WITHOUT  (7 min) | Best Editing

Grappling with the woes of loneliness and dread, Elias and Sol wander New York City searching for freedom. 

By Sabrina Vozikis, Michelle De La Rosa, Imani Koroma, Dante Fuller, Zion Baldwin, Sarah Yearwood, Yiqin Zhang, Dania Rodriguez, Miranda-Sofia Ranghelli-Duran, DCTV.

Lost and Found (9 minutes) | Best Cinematography

A boy receives a bicycle for his birthday and marks it with a unique sticker. He enjoys the gift for a while and is devastated when it is abruptly stolen from him. When he sees a matching bicycle with the same identifying sticker he steals it back, only to realize later that it might not have been his.

By Victor Kaplan, Aaron Fink, St. Ann’s School.

Cruelty-Free (10 mins) | Best Acting 

A tender, young vegan joins a sorority.

By Daphne Parkhill, Reel Works.