OPEN (C)ALL: The Artist's Studio


January 14 - February 8, 2015




Gallery at BRIC House
647 Fulton Street
(Enter on Rockwell Place)
Brooklyn, NY 11217
United States
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  • Photo: Abigail B. Clark

  • Photo: Abigail B. Clark


BRIC announces an open call exhibition! OPEN (C)ALL: The Artist’s Studio will be presented in the Gallery of BRIC House and is open to all members of BRIC’s online Contemporary Artist Registry or to those artists who join the BRIC Artist Registry during the exhibition submission period (through Jan 7, 2015). BRIC’s Registry is free and open to artists who were born, live, or work in Brooklyn, NY.

Registry artists may submit a single work of art representing their current practice. The exhibition is an open call and as such artists are able to submit any work of their choosing, that is new and exciting to their practice.

Artists will also submit photographs of their studios and work spaces, which will be shown alongside the exhibition as part of a special installation by guest artist Wendy Richmond. This inaugural open call takes on the theme of “The Artist’s Studio” to reverse the existing relationship that the artists have with BRIC’s Registry.  Rather than being represented online digitally, the works of art will be now be manifested physically in the gallery; the studio will be represented digitally. While the search and query functions might not translate into our physical realm, the myriad art works in the Gallery will show, at true scale, the depth and breathe of talent in Brooklyn.

Artists: Malin Abrahamsson, Peter Abrami, Golnar Adili, Jonathan Allen, Pamella Allen, Santina Amato, Shenelle Ammon, Robin Antar, Eric Araujo, Brand Us Art, Nancy Baker, C Bangs, Aaron Beebe, Fred Bendheim, Laura Bernstein, Tracey Boyce, Debby Branch, Petey Brown, Sue Burickson, Paul Campbell, Ramona Candy, Lionel Carre, Baoyang Chen, Cecile Chong, Jesse Chun, Elisabeth Condon, Pia Coronel, Jaynie Crimmins, Sarah Dahnke, Catherine Del Buono, Hubert Dobler, Gerard Ellis, Deborah Farnault, Kate Fauvell, Chris Fennell, Alana Ferguson, Arlene Finger, Melanie Fischer, Jessica Fox, Xiao Fu, Mayuko Fujino, Isabelle Garbani, Iliana Emilia Garcia, Mark Gelbart, Georgi Georgiev, Anne Gilman, Robert Gould, Sean Grandits, Naima Green, Aurelien Grezes, Katya Grokhovsky, Ira Joel Haber, Nils Hasche-Vasquez, Spring Hofeldt, Kristin Holcomb, Reineke Hollander, William Howard, Roxanne Jackson, Doug Johnston, William Jones, Leslie Kerby, Jenifer Kobylarz, Melanie Kozol, Marc Lambrechts, Camille Laoang, Matthew Larson, Deanna Lee, Aleya Lehmann Bench, James Lipovac, Chris Lowery, Jason Lujan, MaryKate Maher, Katrina Majkut, Walter Markham, Christina Massey, Lauren Matsumoto, Susan Mastramato, JoAnne McFarland, Russell Mehlman, Kathleen Migliore-Newton, Shane Morrissey, Regi Mueller, Helene Mukhtar, Bridget Mullen, Kellie Murphy, Michael Mut, Margaret Neill, Harry Newman, Linda Lee Nicholas, Leah Oates, Angelys Ocana, Iviva Olenick, Nick Ozgunay, Sui Park, Meridith Passabet, Avani Patel, Anne Polashenski, Larry Racioppo, Jessica Ramirez, Molly Rapp, Mary Riesner Heintjes, Lawrence Riesner Heintjes, Elizabeth Riley, Dave Rittinger, Vincent Romaniello, Annie Rudden, Charlene Rymsha, Lorenzo Sanjuan Pertusa, Linda Schmidt, Alan Sidman, Pacifico Silano, Sasha Silverstein, Francesca Simonite, Jonathan Sims, Jeffery Sims, Maine Smith, Adel Souto, George Spencer, Jeanette Spicer, Pierre St-Jacques, Sara Sun, Hidemi Takagi, Elyse Taylor, Heryk Tomassini, Elizabeth Traina, Christian Tuempling, Deborah Ugoretz, Hans Van Meeuwen, Sky Vega, Misuko Verdery, Ajamu Walker, Kit Warren, Rachael Wren, Yuxuan Wu, King Yan “Fina” Yeung, Rita Zambori,  Lia Zuvilivia.

Two prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the exhibition:


  • Best In Show – Prize will go to one artwork of exceptional merit, selected by BRIC’s Contemporary Art team. Artist will be awarded $300 and have a solo exhibition of their work at BRIC House during summer 2015.
  • Viewer’s Choice – Prize will go to one artwork of exceptional merit, selected by the public. Artist will be awarded $100 and a profile of their practice on the BRIC Blog. 

* Special thanks to Flavorpill, our Media Partner for the OPEN (C)ALL exhibition.


Venue Information:

The 3,000 square-foot Gallery in BRIC House has soaring 18-foot ceilings that permit major exhibitions focusing on emerging and mid-career artists and curators. 

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