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David Kennedy Cutler, Off season (video still), 2018

On Monday, December 3, 2018, BRIC will hold a screening of work by the 12 BRIC Media Arts Fellows. The screening is a culmination of the year-long fellowship opportunity, which provides visual artists with the skills and resources needed to incorporate multimedia to their artistic practice, via BRIC's Media Education classes and facilities. The work presented provides a glimpse into how these artists have used media in their art. We asked a few of the 2018 Fellows to share their thoughts on the experience and impact the fellowship had on their work.


"My proposal for the MAF program was to film a performance-based exhibition where I lived and worked inside a gallery in the Hamptons for ten weeks this past winter. The fellowship began right as I was starting the project, and I was feeling overwhelmed by my lack of training with cameras, lighting and editing. The MAF classes gave me confidence that I could plow ahead and condense my documentation into something worthwhile.  The general feeling of support and community permeates BRIC, and it really made the time I spent there meaningful."

- David Kennedy-Cutler


"The BRIC Media Arts Fellowship has asked me to consider the role of video in my work in new ways, and has been the jumping-off point for an entire new series of projects. I'm currently integrating media elements into live performance (a space where I've been more comfortable), but have also been surprised by the ways in which thinking through media, and in particular video editing and layering, have asked me to consider language in new ways, opening up entire worlds of description that I think will affect my work for a while to come. I didn't realize how creative the editing process is: rhythmically, visually, and in terms of the meaning it makes. It's been great to step into this world." 

- Chloë Bass 


Alison Nguyen, every dog has its day, (video still), 2018

"As an artist who is critical of power structures at work in mass media, being a part of BRIC – with its true commitment to diversity and public access – placed my work within the context of a larger movement to change these structures. Throughout the year, with the support of BRIC’s staff, I was able to learn new skills in animation and sound that have opened up broader possibilities in my practice."

- Alison Nguyen


To learn more about the BRIC Media Arts Fellowship, CLICK HERE.