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#BRICxHome: Family Art-Making Videos

Family-friendly art activities with BRIC's teaching curators. Visit our YouTube channel on Saturdays, where we'll be posting a new art-making video each week!





We're bringing family-friendly art activities to your home with BRIC's teaching curators. Visit our YouTube channel on Saturdays, where we'll be posting a new art-making video each week!

MAY 2 | Stop Motion Animation with Haley
MAY 9 | Drawing with Sonia
MAY 16 | Book Making with Sonia
MAY 23 | Pixelation Animation with Neha
MAY 30 | Shadow Puppetry with Jaimie
JUN 6 | Stop Motion Drawing with Haley
JUN 13 | GIFs with David
JUN 20 | Pop-Up Books with Sonia
JUN 27 | Collographs with Keith

May 30, 2020 | Shadow Puppetry with Jaimie

BRIC teaching artist and multimedia artists Jaimie Warren demonstrates how to make your own shadow puppets to perform one of your favorite stories.


  • Several sheets of card stock or other paper
  • Sticks to mount your puppets (skewers, straws, popsicle sticks, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Pens or pencils for writing and drawing
  • Tape (scotch, masking, packing, etc.)
  • Cellophane
  • Feathers and other translucent materials (optional)
  • A medium to large box
  • Large piece of paper
  • A light (can be a flashlight or cell phone light)


  1. Gather your materials.
  2. Decide on your story: it can be one of your favorite stories or you can make up your own.
  3. Write out your story. While you write, imagine what puppets you will need to tell it. Make a list of the puppets you want to make.
  4. Draw each puppet onto a sheet of cardstock. Depending on your story, you may need to make different versions of the same character.  
  5. Cut out each puppet. Remember that people will only see the shape of your puppet, so don’t worry about the lines from your drawing. Flip each puppet over to see how it will look. You may need to make small cuts to show details. You can use scotch tape to rejoin any parts that need to go back together.
  6. If you have cellophane and other translucent items, feel free to add to add them to your puppets with tape.
  7. Attach a stick to each puppet with tape. Make sure to use enough tape so that you can hold the stick and move your puppet around.
  8. If you will be cutting the box to make your screen, then you’ll need an adult to do that part.
  9. Choose the size of the rectangular hole you will cut in the box based on the size of the paper you have. Make the hole a little smaller than your paper so you have some room to tape.
  10. Have an adult cut carefully cut the hole. Save the piece that you cut out so that you can use it to measure your paper.
  11. Trace the cut piece of cardboard onto your paper.  Cut the paper about an inch outside your lines so that there is room to tape the piece inside the box. Tape along the edges so that the screen is secure inside the box.
  12. Plan out your show. You may be performing by yourself or you may have others performing with you. Experiment with how the puppets move and how you use them to tell your story. Also, explore how the shapes of your puppets change when they are close or far away from the screen. Feel free to add voices and sound effects to bring your story to life. Use a light behind your screen to make the shadows.  
  13. If you don’t make a screen, you can use a flashlight or cell phone light to make your shadows.

Catch up on all our BRIC Family art-making videos on YouTube!

MAY 2 | Stop Motion Animation with Haley: download instructions HERE.
MAY 9 | Drawing with Sonia: download instructions HERE.
MAY 16 | Book Making with Sonia: download instructions HERE.
MAY 23 |  Pixelation Animation with Neha: download intructions HERE.

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