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Dame Tu Mano: A Performance-Conversation with Combo Chimbita & Amanda Alcantara


Sep 26, 2017 • 7:00 PM




BRIC House Stoop
647 Fulton Street
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  • Combo Chimbita, photo by Itzel Alejandra

  • Amanda Alcantara, photo by Priscilla Gaona

Listen and learn during an engaging conversation between Colombian-born, Brooklyn-based band Combo Chimbita and writer and activist Amanda Alcantara (Remezcla, La Galeria). Between performances of songs from their newest “tropical futurist” psychedelic cumbia album, Abya Yala, the band will discuss living and creating their distinctly Afro-Latinx music in Brooklyn’s ever-evolving landscape. // Escuche y aprenda durante una conversación entre la banda colombiana Combo Chimbita y la escritora y activista Amanda Alcántara (Remezcla, La Galeria). La banda tocará canciones de su más reciente álbum de cumbia psicodélica "futurista tropical", Abya Yala, y también hablará de vivir y crear su música indudablemente afro-latinx en el paisaje de cambio constante que es Brooklyn.

In a small New York living room with no headphones, 4 first-generation New Yorkers from Colombia created their debut album of sounds rooted in distinctly Afro-Latinx rhythms, titled Abya Yala. Combo Chimbita is the band behind the fiercely entrancing “tropical futurist” work, where you can hear – and feel – influences from Sun Ra to punk rock, evoking a beautifully entangled psychedelic cumbia that feels right at home in Brooklyn’s music scene. Join them in conversation, led by writer and activist Amanda Alcantara (Remezcla, La Galeria), to discuss their music, living and creating in Brooklyn, and how we hear and interpret what’s around and within us.

PLEASE NOTE: This Stoop Series event will be bilingual (Spanish/English).

ABOUT COMBO CHIMBITA - Rooted in Colombia and based in New York, Combo Chimbita lives in the future. After playing together for years, these first-generation New Yorkers—powerhouse vocalist Carolina Oliveros, synth and bassist Prince of Queens, guitarist Niño Lento, and drummer Dilemastronauta—began experimenting with different traditional musical styles during their late night residencies at Barbès in Brooklyn. Exploring the connections between visual identity and improvisational long-form trips, Combo Chimbita came together as a four-piece band after they started encouraging more vocals by Carolina Oliveros, who tightens the rhythm with her guacharaca. “Her voice is so powerful that it leads us in that direction,” says Prince of Queens. Their thunderous first EP, El Corredor del Jaguar, was released in October 2016 on Names You Can Trust and recorded in Combo Chimbita’s DIY studio, El Bunker.

ABOUT AMANDA ALCANTARA - A writer and journalist, Amanda Alcantara is the co-founder of La Galería Magazine and author of the blog Radical Latina. Her storytelling is centered around themes of Caribbean womanhood, from a socio-cultural and political perspective. Amanda's work has appeared on Telesur English, The Huffington Post, Remezcla, and El Diario. Amanda has also been featured on Latina, Cosmopolitan, Remezcla, Latin Post and other publications. In May of 2017, Amanda obtained her Master’s from NYU. Her thesis focused on telling the story of women from the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  She has a BA from Rutgers University. A map of the world turned upside down hangs on her wall. 

BRIC’s Stoop Series welcomes you in for dynamic conversations that connect art, performance, media and other creative fields with big ideas that are important to Brooklynites. The Stoop Series highlights voices we don’t hear enough, creative solutions that deserve more attention, artistic endeavors that make you see the world differently and tools for enhancing your own creativity. Join us on the Stoop -- there’s something different every week!

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The Stoop at BRIC House is a public cultural gathering space featuring free, drop-in programming, and offering a place to sit, observe, and participate in multi-disciplinary work. 

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