Joey De Jesus: HOAX

In HOAX, Joey De Jesus explores intersections of poetry, technology, mysticism, and performance as a means of connecting the spiritual to the scientific, the individual to the cosmos. The exhibition title, as De Jesus notes, suggests the suspension of rational thought required to believe the world anew, despite the willful oppression that surrounds us. An artist’s book, NOCT: The Threshold of Madness, is the exhibition's centerpiece. De Jesus's erasures and drawings over selected texts on the pages of a popular “how to” book of black magic act to repress sentiments predicated on anti-Otherness, or moments in which the black or queer were likened with evil. This project also includes suede leather scrolls encoded with laser-etched celestial maps/poems, and hand-drawn paper scrolls used in performance. 












Materia Scroll, 2018
Ink on paper
17 x 167 in.

Joey De Jesus_Tableti_2.jpg

Tablet of Destiny I, 2017
Laser-cut suede
36 x 20 in.

Joey_De Jesus_Tabletii_2.jpg

Tablet of Destiny II, 2017
Laser-cut suede
36 x 20 in.

Joey De Jesus_ Tabletiii_2.jpg

Tablet of Destiny III, 2017
Laser-cut suede
36 x 20 in.

JoeyDeJesus_NOCT - The Threshold of Madness detail.jpg

NOCT — The Threshold of Madness, 2015
Ink on found object
12 x 9 in.

Joey De Jesuswall_detail.jpg

HOAX: Celestogram, 2019
Ink on paper
21 x 31 in.

NOCT — The Threshold of Madness, 2016
Interactive Animated video
10 min.